Woven Prayer Shawl

By: Denise Jackson

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For a 72” shawl woven on a 16” rigid heddle loom.

Finished width approx 14½”

10 epi (ends per inch), 12 ppi (pics per inch)

154 warp ends at 2.75 yards (2.5 m)

Yardage needed: warp 421 y (385 m), weft 340 y (311 m) = 761 y (695.8 m)

Roving from The Sheep Shed Studio http://www.thesheepshedstudio.com/

I used handspun singles and did not use the heddle to beat, The warp singles can’t take it and break. I used the shuttle to firmly press into place. Any other weaving yarn can. I wove 1” plain weave at the beginning and ending of the piece. I finished with an overhand whip stitch and 6” twisted fringe.

I bought the superwash roving from The Sheep Shed Studio for $14/#. I got over 1100 yards. This can be tossed in the wash and just hung to dry. Here’s a handy weaving calculator: http://www.villageweaver.com/warp_calc_worksheet.pdf

3/1 Huck Lace from Betty Davenport’s Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom pg 13
Pattern stick: with heddle in the down position pick up warp threads with stick: 1 up, 1 down, repeated across.

Row Heddle Position

1. Up (pattern stick back)

2. Pattern stick (up to heddle)

3. Up (pattern stick back)

4. Down (pattern stick back)



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