How to make a Nursing Shawl and Baby Shawl


By: Janet Bristow

Nursing Shawl: 
Knitting: select any of the suggested yarns using size 11 or 13 needles
(Note: the Red Heart Baby Clouds is thicker, use as larger needle such as 15 or a larger
crochet hook adding approximately 45 stitches depending on your tension
and how wide you would like it). Knit to desired length making sure that you create the 
shawl long enough so that it will wrap around both mother and child.

Crochet: Follow suggested pattern on "Instruction Page"

Finishing off the "Nursing Shawl"
The border is usually a crochet scalloped edge.
Crochet 1, skip 1 or 2 stitches, then chain 5 double crochets in the same stitch,
skip 2 chains and repeat..... do what works for you! Then it's easy to weave
a ribbon in and out of the spaces where the border is attached to the body
of the shawl.

Baby Shawl: These shawls are smaller versions of the bigger ones. They can be used as a baby gift or knitted for Baptisms,

Christenings, or Baby Naming Ceremonies. Cast on 21-24 stitches,
or the width you would like it to be, keeping with the # that will
accommodate the multiples of 3. You can make is as long as you desire. Add fringe.
Note: on fringe you don't want anything that would cause a choking hazard for the
child. Use your best judgment on this. You may want to scallop a simple edge
as suggested above on the 'Nursing Shawl'..



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