Macramé Edge Instructions ©Copyright 2009

Instructions by: Vicky Galo

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To create the macramé, take a pieces of yarn - 24" in length. Fold the yarn in half (12") and attach it to the binded edge of the shawl. Repeat this on every third stitch. To begin the macramé process, join 1 strand of yarn with 1 strand of yarn from the nearest set. Tie them together by using an over handed knot. This will form a 'triangle'. Repeat this until the first row is finished. On the second row repeat the process again by tying single opposing strands together. You can integrate 'odd' numbered strands on the ends by tying them with a single strand. Make sure the odd ends are incorporated into your work as you go along. I found it easiest to work the row from left to right, finishing the row before you start a new row. I'd also suggest that you study the photo. Another suggestion I have is that you may want to try taking some cardboard, use a hole punch, place several holes along its edge and tie on some practice yarn before.




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