"Knitting a shawl the long way"

By Janet Bristow
November, 2005


I Inspired by a post on the Prayer Shawl Ministry Message Board,

 I decided to make a shawl the long way.


I used a variety of yarns…different colors as well as weights.

The amount of stitches you cast on will be determined by the thickness of yarn used.    


Before casting on (120-130 stitches taking type of yarn into consideration) to size 11or 13 circular needles, I left a length of yarn for fringe on that side.  After following the K3, P3 pattern to the end, I left the same length of yarn at the end for fringe on that side and cut it away from the ball of yarn.  Started the next row by leaving the same length of yarn for the fringe, but tied it onto that first piece to secure it. 


I began and ended the rest of the rows the same way, changing colors randomly

every so often.  You can make it any width that appeals to you.


It took awhile to get used to all the cutting and changing, and sometimes

the built-in fringe got annoying, but I LOVE this shawl!  It’s a unique work of art.


This type of shawl can also be crocheted.  






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