Aroma Therapy

by Janet Bristow & Vicky Galo, 1998

Copyright ©2024


One way to enhance the presentation of a shawl is to include a scented sachet, Ie:  oil dropped on a cotton ball, wrapped in netting, tied with yarn.


Although the fragrance of lavender is a nice, relaxing scent, we have, for your information, two lists of other fragrances.

The inclusion of a scented sachet is not recommended if the receiver of the shawl is sensitive to fragrances, is pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, has emphysema or chronic respiratory issues. 



Ylang Ylang – Relaxing                       Geranium – Can be both Relaxing & Uplifting

Neroli - Relaxing                                 Lemon – Can be both Relaxing & Uplifting

Clary Sage – Relaxing                        Patchouli – Relaxing

Rose – Relaxing                                   Chamomile – Relaxing

Jasmine – Relaxing                             Vetiver - Relaxing



Chakra                        Color                               Scent


1st - Root                     Red                 Relaxing:  Cedarwood

Uplifting:  lavender


2nd - Sacral                 Orange            Relaxing:  amber

Uplifting:  rose geranium


3rd - Solar Plexis         Yellow             Relaxing:  rose

Uplifting:  bergamot


4th - Heart                   Green/Pink     Relaxing:  sandalwood

Uplifting:  honeysuckle


5th - Throat                 Blue                Relaxing:  hyacinth

Uplifting:  patchouli

6th - Third Eye             Indigo              Relaxing:  white musk

Uplifting:  violet


7th - Crown                  Violet               Relaxing:  bergamot

Uplifting:  amber


*Note:  These oils should not be taken internally or rubbed on the skin at any time.

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