Lacy Knit Shawl

(a variation of the "Prayer Shawl - Knitting Pattern")

 By Jodie Gordon Lucas - Athens, OH

This shawl is lovely and feminine. It is economical as well as it requires very little yarn. A single skein of boucle or slightly thicker yarn will make an entire shawl. Because of the very loose knit, this shawl can either be long and thin or short and wide when completed. I usually advise my recipients to hold shawl vertically by the short ends before wearing like a shawl or by the long dimension if they want a small afghan/lap robe. Finally, this shawl can be made in only a couple hours.

Using a bulky yarn, cast on 33 stitches onto size 35 knitting needles. Like the standard shawl pattern, work in K3, P3 across each row until shawl is “hug length” (or the length of your outstretched arms).

The shawl in the pictures was made using 1 skein of a boucle in a natural color.




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