Group Provides Prayer With A Twist

Feb 21, 2007 11:23 PM EST

A group of women in Nashville has found a unique way to comfort the suffering. It's good old-fashioned prayer, with a twist.

When the women at Glendale United Methodist offer to cover you in prayer, they mean this quite literally.

One night each month, Lindsey Hill and a group of friends meet at the church to knit prayer shawls.

"I like to think about the person. I really get wrapped up in knowing who I'm making one for," Hill said.

Each shawl is knitted with someone in mind, and then prayed over.

The women know this means a lot to people, but no one knows it like Rev. Sandra Griggs.

Griggs received the very first shawl last year after her son committed suicide.

"For me, whenever I was feeling really grief sick and stuck I would just go grab it and put it around me and just think of all the people who had supported me in this loss," Griggs said

Since then, the group has knitted and blessed 60 more for friends, family, and total strangers.

Carolyn Nash has knitted more than 20 of them, and keeps a scrapbook to remember each one.

Nash recently finished one for Imojean Walker, 84, who was facing a surgery to remove her kidney. Days before the surgery, Nash delivered the shawl along with some words of comfort.

Carolyn would not be able to go with Imojean to the hospital, but that shawl was Imojean's reminder that she was not alone.

"It feels comforting. Because I know people are praying and thinking of me," Walker said.

Walker had her surgery, and is doing just fine.


WTVF - Nashville, TN


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