The Anawim Shawl ©All Rights Reserved

Janet Bristow – 2005

   The word Anawim (pronounced 'on-a-whim' or An-a wheem ) is Hebrew which has been translated as meaning poor, afflicted, humble or meek.  They are the “faithful remnants” who, even in the worst of times find their security in the Creator.  Indeed, the Anawim are all of us!

  Recently, I have been drawn to the leftover yarn I’ve collected from all the shawls that have been knitted by me and my Prayer Shawl group.  They are, in fact, faithful remnants….left behind, unused, humble little pieces of a whole.  When I knit them into a shawl, it becomes a patchwork of other shawls that have been prayerfully created and given away.  Each has a story connected to the shawl maker and recipient.  They are beautiful, warm, and comforting reminders of the shawls they represent.

  I offer this type of shawl for your consideration.  It’s a wonderful way to use up the leftovers and offers a point of meditation for the shawl maker, as well….We are told to love one another, rich and poor, safe and secure or homeless, healthy or unwell, spiritually mature or not, popular or outcasts, for we are all one, and together we are called to be a blessing to each other.






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