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Are you interested in making Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers' families?


If so, go to the following website for details:

Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers' Families



Please also consider donating shawls to your local Veteran's Home







"Sheila's Shawls"

The Silent Witness National Initiative invites you to honor Sheila Wellstone and her tremendous work in reducing

domestic violence in our country. She was tragically killed in a plane crash with Senator Paul Wellstone on October 25, 2002.

Remember Sheila by knitting a healing shawl for a mother or sister of a woman who was murdered in domestic violence.




Sending Troop's Prayers Website

A ministry that offers prayer cloths and shawls to those

serving in the armed forces

 or who are veterans




Please send finished prayer shawls to OPERATION FIRST RESPONSE, a volunteer group
that collects homemade quilts and prayer shawls to send to military and combat
hospitals in Iraq. This group also delivers to the Fisher House at Brooke Army
Medical Hospital at Fort Sam-Houston in San Antonio, TX, and to Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska:

Attention: Peggy Baker
Operation First Response, Inc
20037 Dove Hill Road
Culpeper, VA 22701

For more questions, email Peggy at:
Supporting our Nation's wounded Heroes

Please be sure to tag your name and address and attach to the corner of the
quilt so the recipient knows who the maker is. This allows the recipient or
one of their family members to send a note to you if they choose.





The Wings Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization providing a collaboration of services free of charge where cancer patients and their families can find information, understanding, compassion, and hope.  Cancer is a unique disease that attacks the mind, body, and spirit.  Wings embraces the whole person, not just the disease, and our services include a lending library, a labyrinth, nutritional counseling, exercise and yoga classes, crisis intervention, as well as support groups and a weekly prayer circle.


 Our prayer shawl ministry has grown out of the desire to combine the healing power of prayer with

the healing ministry of human touch.  At Wings, we enfold each person in genuine loving concern

and envision each shawl extending that “hug” and bringing comfort and solace

even when we’re not physically present.


 We’re looking for knitters/crocheters to help us meet this need. 

Finished shawls should be approximately 24 x 65 inches to provide a warm and comfortable wrap. 

Please send finished shawls (with your name included so we can put it on the card) to:


Wings Cancer Foundation

1588 Union Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104


Questions can be addressed to the above phone number or to

*Due to limited resources, we are unable to take individual requests for prayer shawls.



The Anna M. Fulling Community Chaplaincy

Program of The Capitol Region Conference of Churches is in need of

Prayer Shawls for the sick at Hartford Hospital. 

Patients are visited daily by the hospital

Chaplains of the Department of Pastoral Services

Attention: Prayer Shawl Coordinator  

Capitol Region Conference of Churches                              Hartford Hospital Pastoral Services

60 Lorraine Street                                                               80 Seymour St., CB-3rd Floor

Hartford, CT 06105                                                                        Hartford, CT 06102

860-236-1295                                                                                    860-545-2251

Thank you!



Please consider donating shawls to the patients at the
Hispanic Clinic at the Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC) in New Haven

For more information contact: Mary Dansinghani, MDIV
Chaplain/Coordinator of Spiritual Services
Connecticut Mental Health Center
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06519


Mother's United Against Violence

Founded in 2002 by Mrs. Henrietta Beckman and Rev. Henry Brown with the purpose of

supporting families who have lost a loved one to violence in Hartford (CT).

MUAV Mission Statement:

MUAV is a voice of hope in the face of violence, drugs, poverty by providing advocacy by, and

education in, the community in the spirit of faith, love and solidarity.

Unfortunately, 25-30 people are murdered in Hartford each year. The Step Up, Step Out: End

the Culture of Violence group (SUSO) at Asylum Hill Congregational Church (AHCC) would like to

support the outreach ministry of Mothers United Against Violence by providing prayer shawls

to families in Hartford when they lose a loved one to violence. AHCC's prayer shawl ministry

welcomes contributions of shawls from other Hartford prayer shawl ministries to help meet this

need. If you would like to be involved, please contact Patti Beckett (SUSO member at AHCC) at

860-633-6147 or




In the world...



Ad Hoc Prayer Shawl Ministry 

for Beslan, Russia Families


The families of Beslan, Russia, have been overwhelmed by grief since the siege of their

school on September 4, 2004. Over 200 people, mostly children, were killed that day. 

Our hearts break with theirs.


At the 2004 Gathering of Prayer Shawl Ministries in Hartford, Connecticut, individuals 

and whole ministries became part of an ad hoc Prayer Shawl Ministry to knit shawls 

for these Russian families. By word of mouth (actually, by email), knitters of different 

denominations across the U.S. reached the goal of 200 shawls.


This collaborative effort was organized by members of the United Parish, Lunenburg, Mass.,

St. Anselm’s Catholic Church, Cleveland, Ohio

Click here for the latest news and photos


 Afghanistan Outreach


"Peace Shawl Warms Iraqi Hearts"




Past and On-going outreach Shawl Ministries


Sandy Hook Elementary School Newtown, CT (December 2013)

Community outreach in response to the July 2011 shooting in Utoya, Norway

Pictured below is a newsletter from Knitting People Together, South Liverpool, England

(click on image to enlarge)

Burnside City Uniting Church, South Australia, Outreach - Christchurch, NZ Earthquake Victims 2011


Christmas at Sea

Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers

PS4FS - Dover Project - On-going - Starting in October 2009 - Prayer Shawls are

offered to families who chose to attend the Dignified Transfer of their loved one at Dover Air Base.

The Respite Unit at Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust - Hillcrest South Africa

The Women's Support Program at CRMHC (Capitol Region Mental Health Center - Hartford, CT)

Hispanic Center - CMHC at Yale University New Haven, CT

Shawls for victim's families and friends of - Flight 3407 Plane Crash - 2009 - Charence, NY

Virginia Tech Community

ISMRD - International Advocate for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases

Operation First Response

Pennsylvania Amish Community - Fall 2006
Sending Troops Prayers Website

Lone Survivor and families of victims of Conair Flight 5191 - Lexington, KY September 2006

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

National Naval Medical Center

Prayer Shawls for the sick at Hartford Hospital

Wings Prayer Shawl Ministry - Memphis, TN

Communities of Melville and Tallmansville, West Virginia - 2006 Coal mining tragedies

Uganda Women's Center

Maseno, Kenya - Mercy Home Orphanage
United Kingdom Territory - Salvation Army
Mwanga, Tanzania - HIV/AIDS Orphans and Widows

Victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita

Habitat for Humanity

Race for the Cure

Jerusalem Peace Shawls

Afghanistan Outreach

Iraqi Peace Shawls

Beslan Russia Shawl Project

Sheila's Shawls and Paul's Scarves


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Please contact groups before sending out your donations


Please visit our "In The News" for articles about the Shawls.


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