Hurricane Relief 'Thank You'



Thank you to all the 'Shawl Makers' for their generous shawl donations to the Hurricane Katrina
victims. "They have been greatly appreciated" writes Pastor Rob Weber of Grace Community United
Methodist Church. One parishioner of Grace Community wrote: "You would not believe how many
prayer shawls we have received ...".


A shawl recipient wrote to us stating:  "I am a Katrina survivor and was given a prayer shawl.

 I received much comfort from this precious gift so I want do the same for others."



Another letter...



 "Thank you so much for the thoughtful idea of the prayer shawl.
After Katrina, prayer shawls were sent to our Covenant United Methodist
Church in Chalmette, Louisiana. With water over the roof of our home for
13 or so days and over 5 feet of water in our church, the shawl was an
unexpected blessing. The shawls were given to us at our first worship
service after the storm in November. It was a cool day and we had no
power or heat and the shawls were used on the spot and we were blessed.
Our prayers go out to the people who knitted or crocheted the shawls."

In Christian Love,
Carolon C.

It brings such joy to our hearts knowing that you have taken this ministry into your hearts and
continue to share its blessings with others. Especially those in the wake of this tragedy. For many
recipients the shawl became one of their 'first' possessions. It has given them comfort knowing that
there are people who are giving without knowing who the recipient will be.


May the blessings you have shared with others; flow back to you 'three-fold'!

Janet and Vicky


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